Stands for Alya

Stands for Alya

Manufactured in the years  2016-2021

     Alya Generation 2 can give very high quality sound reproduction when is properly positioned in small listening room. To reach the best performance level, floor stands with specific height have been designed.

     Stands have a frame design with triangular footprint. To give proper stability and simultanously, proper absorbing of vibrations, a combination of steel and plywood have been used. Top and bottom parts are made of powder coated steel. Main columns are made of plywood covered by decorative fabric containing PTFE. Precise leveling of stands is made with use of graphite chromium plated spikes.  

      2 in 1 designed stands are multipurpose and give the ability to place Alya on the floor or in other desired conditions – directly on desk or shelf. The top part of stands is a desk stand, which can be equipped with spikes. It’s connected with the speaker with use of 2 screws. The main construction of stands contain strong neodymium magnets wchich allows to place on it the speaker with desk stand securely. After that, both stands can be fixed altogether using screws to create stable connected whole. 

Technical Data:

Two in one magnetically connected stands made of steel and plywood. Table stand prepared for placing speakers on desk/table/shelf. Floor stands with proper height for best stereo image performance.
Powder paint and PTFE coated fabric, dark chromium plated spikes included.
External dimensions (floor stand):
                           height: 55cm (22in);
                           width: 28cm (11in);
                           depth: 25cm (10in);
External dimensions (table stand):
                           height: 5cm (2in);
                           width: 25cm (10in);
                           depth: 23cm (9in);
Gross weight:    3kg (6,6lbs)
                           shipping weight: 7kg (15,5lbs)