Copernicus is the brand new speaker cable prepared by Divine Acoustics for Hi-End audio applications.     




   The conductor of Copernicus is a round silver wire covered with a layer of 24 carat gold. The gilding process is additionally preceded by palladium plating. The conduit is then vibration relieved and polished with walnut granulate at the same time. We have developed the composition, diameter and preparation of the wire together with our co-operator. The cables are obtained in small spools, sufficient to build only one pair of Copernicus. This means that each pair of conductors has an individually defined direction and is auditioned during production and compared with the reference cable. The insulation of gilded silver is the air, several layers of woven cotton and carbon. Due to the non-corrosive properties of gold, which does not react with oxygen or ozone, the wire is not coated before being placed into the first layer of cotton insulation. 

      When designing, we paid a lot of attention to the insulation, the way of arranging its individual layers, their joining and the appropriate ratio of the amount of carbon and cotton. The insulation also has anti-vibration functions, which is why its composition, arrangement, and the way in which the cable was braided, were so important for achieving its sound. In order for the cables to be flexible and easy to lay, and at the same time so that the insulation and the conductors themselves do not move between each other, the layers are sealed with an “everlasting” caoutchouc-based substance. The whole is covered with an aesthetic braid in the colors of dark gold interspersed with black and white.


    We paid the same attention to the cable splitting boxes at the ends. Their weight and repeatability of execution were extremely important. Like the insulation, they are part of the Copernicus anti-vibration system. The splitters are laser cut from high-quality poured, stress-relieved acrylic. Their shape also turned out to be important. Eventually, they took the form of a tiny violin – an instrument whose shape follows the “golden proportion”. Such a carefully prepared cable should be properly terminated. The Copernicus is ended with the top model of the gold plated copper Furutech FT-211G spades. The connection to the conductor is screwed, without soldering.

     Copernicus is prepared in 2 lengths: 3m and 2.5m. The construction process is completely made by hand. After connecting the new cable, it will take about 200 hours to burn-in and settle in the audio system.


Technical Data:

2-core directional speaker cable.
24k gold plated silver round r-core. 
Air and multilayer combination of woven cotton and carbon.
Burn-in time period: approx. 200 hours
Recommender amplifier power: 2-200W
Available lengths:
               250cm, 300cm,
Available plugs:
       – 24K gold plated PCOCC Copper spades
         Furutech FT-211G
       – 24K gold plated PCOCC Copper banana plug
         Furutech FT-212G on order
Gross weight: ~1kg (2lb)
          shipping weight (pair): 2kg (4lbs)